Home Staging

In today’s market, even beautiful homes are sitting unsold for months at a time. The price is right. The neighborhood is good. The condition of the home is impressive. So what’s missing? This frustrating scenario has played out far too many times for far too many Americans. However, the solution might be a lot simpler than you think: home staging. It’s a service I offer and a true passion of mine. Any home listed by me will receive my home staging consultation and advice absolutely FREE!

What is home staging?

    Home staging is a simple but effective way to give any for-sale home a refreshing new look in the hopes of maximizing it’s appeal to potential buyers. While there can be many different components involved when an expert stages a home, a typical staging might consist of fresh paint, strategically placed furniture, minor home repairs, and/or carpeting adjustments.

Why should I have my home staged?

    If you wish to protect the value of your home and facilitate a sale that is as swift as possible, then you owe it to yourself to have it properly staged. Our industry has produced some staggering statistics when it comes to the effectiveness of staging a home. Homes that are properly staged sell twice as fast and for almost 10 percent more than a traditional vacant and empty home.

What changes might be needed to help the sale of my home?

    Working with a home stager, the seller will provide all of the necessary staging materials. The goal of a quality home staging is to look at your home through the buyer’s eyes. Everything that potential buyer sees as he or she walks through your home needs to speak to him or her. If done properly, a home staging can assist a buyer to “mentally move in” upon that initial experience. After cleaning, decluttering, painting and making minor repairs, the real magic happens. Placed in the perfect locations throughout your home, the following seemingly insignificant items can possess true selling power: mirrors, plants, floor and table lamps, area rugs, small love seats, ottomans, pillows, rugs and/or baskets.

How much does standard professional staging cost?

    That depends, but it will certainly be an investment. Coastal areas and large metropolitan cities where home staging has been prevalent for years command higher prices. Some real estate agents urge sellers stage the home themselves. Most listing agents agree, however, that vacant homes show better with staging and will encourage sellers to hire a professional stager.

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