MacDill AFB

MacDill Air Force Base is located eight miles south of Tampa, Florida on the Southwestern tip of the Interbay Peninsula in Hillsborough County. MacDill is home to the United States Central Command and United States Special Operations Command and 51 other tenant units.

On base, MacDill family housing is privatized and managed by Harbor Bay at MacDill. This housing includes 537 units some of which are new or under renovation (to be completed by 2014). The housing area is made up of 169 units designated for officers with the remaining 368 set aside for enlisted personnel.

However, many of the officers and personnel choose to live off base, and this can be a difficult decision. Due to its location, working at MacDill poses an interesting situation for the families involved. The South Tampa area is convenient; the Westchase area in northwest Hillsborough county is a good option; FishHawk communities in the eastern part of the county have warmly welcomed MacDill’s personnel and their families since it’s creation 10+ years ago; and finally, communities in Riverview like Panther Trace provide great value to these relocated families.

A community such has FishHawk has done so much to make life easier for the families of military relocation. HART Express is a area bus system that offers a non-stop route from FishHawk (or Riverview or Brandon) straight into MacDill AFB with stops at CENTCOM, SOCOM, and the MacDill Hospital at no coat to GS or Active duty personnel that work at Mac Dill Airforce Base. Read the paper, work from your computer or catch up on sleep all on you way into the base!

No matter your needs in finding housing once being relocated to MacDill, I would love to help. I have been there before, and sometimes that’s exactly what it takes to find the perfect fit.

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